Estate Planning Attorneys - Rosales & Rosales

Estate Planning Attorneys - Rosales & Rosales

Rosales & Rosales offers comprehensive estate planning options for you, the client. We listen to what your needs and wishes are regarding the managment of your estate in the event of your death and develop a plan that allows for those wishes to be carried out. Our estate planning can include creating and establishing documents such as wills, living wills, trusts, durable power of attorney and designating a health care proxy. We want you to have a plan in place that reflects your wishes and wants for the future of your family and your legacy. With Rosales & Rosales, you will receive top notch consultation and service for all of your estate planning needs.


The creation of a will allows you to name an individual to take control of your affairs upon your death. The will contains specific instructions regarding the management of your assets. Having a will in place can help you through the probate process and is one of the essential pieces of any estate planning strategy. For more information on creating a will, follow the link below.


Establishing a trust can offer some flexibility for you to be able to provide for a named beneficiary. A trust can help to avoid probate upon your death and maintain control over what happens to your assets. There are numerous options when establishing a trust and the attorneys at Rosales & Rosales offer professional consultation surrounding your specific needs.

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