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Rosales & Rosales has an extensive amount of experience surrounding the creation and enacting of a guardianship or converatorship, sometimes both. These are legal tools used to help an appointed individual, usually a family member, oversee the medical care and financial managment for an individual who has a diminished capacity to manage these affairs on their own. We focus on solutions to the many issues that can arise around a guardianship or converatorship designation. Let us help you determine the correct course of action surrounding your particular situation and represent the best interests of all involved in probate court.

What Is a Guardianship/Conservatorship

A guardianship/conservatorship is a tool that allows a designated individual appointed and supervised by the Court to make certain decisions on behalf of another. This type of tool is usually enacted when the person (ward) experiences some form of diminished capacity to make decisions for themselves. This diminished capacity can come in the form or a either a mental or physical disability. Should the individual be without a durable power of attorney in place, the courts will assist in deciding what is in the best interest of the ward and what individual may be best suited to assist in their care.

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