What is a Healthcare Proxy

What is a Healthcare Proxy

A healthcare proxy or HCP is a legal document that allows a patient to appoint another to make decisions on their behalf when the patient is unable to make those decisions on their own. Should the patient be unable to communicate their wishes due to dementia, a persistent vegetative state or under anesthesia, the appointed individual is legally authorized to make the decisions that need to be made. A healthcare proxy offers you the ability to make advance preparations, so in the event that you are unable to respond in regards to your own needs surrounding healthcare, the appointed individual can respond on your behalf with your needs, wants and wishes in mind.

What Decisions Can an Appointed Healthcare Agent Make?

Rosales & Rosales attorneys have the knowledge and the experience to assist you in setting up your healthcare proxy. This document and designation can make sure that you feel confident that if you are unable to communicate your wishes. a trusted individual will be there, legally able to do so on your behalf. Common decisions that can be made as a healthcare proxy are listed below.

  • Choices regarding your medical care, tests, surgery, medicines
  • The right to review your medical records
  • Authorization or refusal of certain procedure or medication
  • Legal action on your behalf as an advocate

Setting Up a Healthcare Proxy

The forms required for setting up a healthcare proxy vary from state to state. Rosales & Rosales attorneys focus on assisting you in choosing the right person to handle this responsibility and then enacting it as a legal document and obligation. Advance planning is the key to making sure that your wishes are carried out. Contact us today in regards to your needs surrounding the set up of a healthcare proxy.

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