Real Estate Attorneys - Rosales & Rosales

Real Estate Attorneys - Rosales & Rosales

Rosales & Rosales attorneys represent clients in residential real estate transactions. Our attorneys are well versed in the details of residential real estate law. We understand the importance of these transactions to both the buyer and seller of real estate. Working with you to make sure that the laws that govern real estate transactions are appropriately applied to your residential or commercial purchase. Rosales & Rosales offers practical, clear advice to our clients so that they may make solid decisions around the purchase or sale of real estate property.

What Does a Real Estate Attorney Do For a Buyer?

A lot of times a buyer will only bring in an attorney after they have signed a contract to purchase property. They want the attorney to look over and uncover any potential issues surrounding the contract to purchase or sale. Rosales & Rosales Attorneys are capable of completing several tasks prior to the contract being generated and carry you through closing. Some are listed below

  • Protecting your interests and clarifying the purchase contract
  • Ensure a clean title
  • Prepare legal documents
  • Attend the closing
  • Work with lenders

What Does a Real Estate Attorney Do For a Seller

A good real estate attorney can assist the seller by drawing up a contract that protects the sellers interests throughout the process of selling property. Our attorneys are also available should any issues arise prior to and up to closing, making sure the deal you want goes through. Some of the key functions of a real estate attorney are listed below.

  • Review the contract and protect your interests with modifications as necessary
  • Ensure title is clear
  • Prepare paperwork for closing
  • Attend the closing
  • Dealing with title issues should they arise

Condominium Conversions

We provide advice and assistance in converting multi-family properties into condominiums.

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