Creating A Will - Why?

Creating A Will - Why?

Regardless of the size of your estate, the importance of estate planning and the creation of a will cannot be overstated. A will can help to ensure that your wishes are carried out and that your loved ones and heirs are provided for. Whether you are just now getting around to establishing a will, or you have a will in place that may need to be amended, reviewed or changed, Rosales & Rosales attorneys are dedicated to making sure you have not only established a will, but have peace of mind in knowing that it is up to date and is there to carry our your final wishes.

Why Wills Are Important

Your Last Will and Testament is one of the pieces that contributes to an overall estate planning strategy. The will allows you as the testator to express how your property will be distributed at death. It also allows you to name your choice of guardian for your minor child should something happen to you. Your will may be as detailed as necessary or simple in the event that you choose to bequeath your assets to one individual. At Rosales & Rosales we focus on tailored estate planning solutions that offer our clients the ability to reduce or avoid the tax burden that may face their family or heirs upon their death. We work to understand your plan and goals for the future of your family, heirs and legacy.

Comprehensive Estate Planning Solutions

The attorneys at Rosales & Rosales are dedicated to offering you top notch consultation and education surrounding your estate planning options and tools. If your are in the process of planning to establish a will you may want to check out our additional information on Trusts (LINK HERE) and Durable Power of Attorney (LINK HERE). We are here to serve you, the client, with solutions and strategies meant to fit your specific needs and wishes.

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